Thursday, January 26, 2012

22 Football Centerpieces loaded and ready to deliver

These will add color and a festive look to the banquet this Sunday.


  1. Oh my goodness, look at you go... did you make all of these? Awesome and so much work. TFS

  2. I did and for a very small budget of $13.50 each!!!! I had to design something that fit the budget, didn't take a ton of time and portrayed my style. The organizer is my friend so I pretty much donated my time on these because I would never sell them for that price.

    Thank you.

    I hope they like them.

  3. Everyone is going to love them! Perfect for the occasion!

  4. These look awesome. I might have to try and craft something for this football season!

  5. These are perfect! Starting to collect ideas for 2013 football banquet. Would love to use your idea. What are your materials (i.e. football, die cut football player)?

    1. Thank you!! Start with a 8" cardboard cake round. Glue a 6" square styrofoam. This is covered with Mylar sheets and pulled tight with ribbon. Use Cricut Cartridge Sports Mania. Cut the football at Fit to Page. I think it is 10 or 11 inches. I cut each one twice in brown and once in white so it is nice on all sides. I glued them to skewers. The football player is also from Sports Mania. The pennant is from Locker Talk and the font is Varsity Letter. Poke the skewers in the styrofoam and fill in with mylar star picks. It cost about $15 for each one. Can do all school colors. Email me if you need more info!! Thanks for stopping by!