Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowman Soup

Sharing the Christmas Spirit with some yummo Snowman Soup.

I made 40 of these for my co-workers. I just had to get out of the "poop" mode. You know Kitty Litter at Halloween, Turkey Poop @ Thanksgiving. I had my choices of treats but it was not gonna be Reindeer Poop or Snowman Poop. So I told hubby I was making Snowman Soup. He said are you just gonna give them bottled water??? dear.

So I made these packets with Chocolate Mint Cocoa, Chocolate Mint Kiss, Marshmallows and a candy cane. I made cute little labels with MyCreativeTime Scalloped and Stitched Circles and the Snowman Soup Stamp and little Snowman Punch. So cute.

A little cup of cocoa,
I'm sending 'round your way.
I hope that you'll enjoy it,
On some cold & wintry day!

As you sip this cocoa,
It's warmth will warm your heart,
Just like your friendship warmed up mine,
Right from the very start!