Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Friday! Here is my cool son Davey

Highlighting our youngest, our son Davey today. We are very proud of him. He is 29. He has a great job, bought a house, has a sweet girlfriend with a darling little girl who adores him. He plays 4-5 instruments, brews his own craft beers, has had several of his articles published and has a great personality most of the time. If you pull out a picture of my husband at any age, and our son at any age...they are clones. I was just an incubator.
We have endured mega hot temperatures all week. Looking forward to the weekend that crazily includes rain in the forecast.

Will be doing the BIG C's...Cleaning, Cooking, Crafting not in that order and not in thirds thank you very much.

I have to figure out how to update my Gypsy as it is not happy about the whole situation.

Want to try out my 4 new cartridges and if Gypsy gets sync'd up, the Smiley Card one as well.

Want to bake some cookies and if it rains I think spaghetti sauce will be my comfort food of choice, with garlic bread and a bottle of Cabernet. Mmmm
Well, thank you for reading this. Have a great weekend.

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