Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Congratulations to my hubby and his team

Commendation from the Mayor of Redondo Beach. His team represented Wescon Pop Warner Mitey Mite in the Innaugural SuperBowl in Florida this past December 2011 and received awards last night at City Hall. The boys have gotten so big since we saw them. They look ready for the next level that's for sure.

I have been coaching Youth and High School football continuously since 1976. The program is to help these boys learn basic skills and safety. The program is kept simple so the players can practice and develop their skills in a methodical fashion. We teach respect for each other and respect for others. The long term goal is to use football as a life tool to develop a work ethic. We teach that their limitations begin and end with themselves.
For some of these boys, 2011 was their first experience with tackle football, for most it was their second year together. This team has great character and works like no other team I have ever worked with; they understand the fruit of hard work. Only two years into it and they are all on the way of individual success. We were blessed with the best group of parents as well as very dedicated coaches. The Pop Warner Super Bowl was their greatest team, and personal challenge, where each player learned their greatest lesson about hard work, not giving up, and a self awareness of what each individual was made of.
I consider it the ultimate privilege to be able to work the 2011 Redondo Beach Mitey Mites.
As they get older, at some point each will understand what I mean when I tell them “If you think what we are doing here has anything to do with football, you are sorely wrong.”


  1. Congrats to hubby and the team. Also to you for all you do for those little guys. Those boys are lucky to have found such a wonderful team, coach and talented coach's wife.

  2. WOW! That really is awesome speech! Congrats to your hubby and the team!

  3. Congratulations, that's awesome.