Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Thursday

This hat is Orange with leaves on top. My niece Sadie is going to be a pumpkin for her first Halloween. She needed evening wear! I also made her an infant headband orange with the leaves for daywear!
I enjoyed a zoo day with my daughter and grandson yesterday. We read from the new Halloween book I brought him. Cliffords First Halloween. Michael likes me to read it over and over until he can "read" it back to me.

I also knitted 4 hats for my 7 hat order. I still need to add the daisy to them but the colors are beautiful. Melissa fell in love with this new craft so she took me to Michaels and luckily I had a coupon so I got her her first set of looms too. She did great.

Have a great day. The weekend is almost here!

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