Monday, August 29, 2011

Balloon Topiary to Kick off Football Season 2011

I love this table top deoration. Just says celebrate all on its' own. I think I first made these when our daughter was in 8th grade. She is 31 now. Always fun to make and then just sit back and wait for the Ooohs and Ahhs. ~Enjoy

Cheerleader and Football Player are cut at 8 inches from Everyday Paperdoll. The R is cut at 1 inch from Varisty Lite Font.


  1. Yes, I hear the OOHHs and AAHHs right now! With a couple of YEAs! This is just adorable!
    Give me C, Give me a U, Give me a T, Give me a E! CUTE!

  2. Love these. super fun. Hope the season goes well for your team