Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Little Pony Princess Luna Unicorn Costume

I hope I remember how to post to my BLOG. It's been forever!! I have a new job! Yes another one but this one will stick. I am so happy!! My hours are 6-2:30 allowing plenty of time after work to run, shop, cook and craft...pretty much in that order.

I contacted my sister in law to find out what my little 4-year old niece wanted to be for Halloween. Well, she said Princess Luna. A My Little Pony Unicorn of the night. She had no idea of what she was gonna do. It didn't take long for me to put on my thnking cap.

First...what the heck does Princess Luna look like? Ahhhh shades of purples and blues. I had made a Yoshi costume last year for our grandson and thought I could use the same concept. A felt jumpsuit with a hood. I started with a Triceratops pattern as then I could get the unicorn horn to look real. For the mane I envisioned shades of these beautiful colors in tulle. It would be pretty lightweight, relatively inexpensive and fall like a mane.

back with wings and tail
Front and that moon is how it looked in the picture of the pony

here is the side view



  1. Amazing! The only problem will be getting her to take it off.

  2. Linda that's awesome! My Granddaughter would love one. I'll have to get more info from you for next Halloween.

  3. Fabulous Linda!!! Hope to see you at Mania in a couple of weeks.


  4. Holy cow!!!!!!! AMAZING!!! That is completely FABULOUS!!! They are so lucky to have you!!!! HUGGLES!!!

  5. Very cute. It's nice to be able to make one of a kind costumes. :)