Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First attempt at Hibiscus Flowers

From the Cricut Cartridge Giant Flowers. The stamens gave me a problem and I upped the size to see if that helped. The orange flower in the upper right has the larger stamen so I was able to get all the parts to show but not sure it is necessary for a good effect. In the meantime, I also purchased some ready made stamens and will see what effect I get with those.You can see how I was experimenting with petal placement. These are getting ready for centerpieces where I will need 70 or so of them.


  1. WOW, they are gorgeous. They look real.

  2. 70 of them, oh my. They are so pretty and that looks like a lot of work... I hope they appreciate your talent.

  3. Wow - 70 of them. They look very pretty though.