Thursday, March 8, 2012

Harley Diaper Trike

I love making diaper cakes and have been making the trikes for a few years in addition to the regular wedding cake looking one. I got a special order for a Harley Davidson Trike. Any of you who know me know I would have to research because I detest motorcycles.

Anyway, I even went in to a Harley shop to get the little bear riding on the top with his doo rag. It came out so adorable. I may become a fan. The lady at the shop said "oh is this a gift?" She was going to wrap it btu I didn't need it wrapped. I did however need some of that wonderful black harley embossed tissue paper. I asked and she gave me some. That is what I covered the cardboard with for easy transport.


  1. Super cute!

    I am following you now too:)

  2. I LOVE this!!

    What a wonderful gift.

  3. What a clever idea to make that bike. You did a great job with your imagination. I am so very proud of you. I also like this blog. I know that your creativity would be a real asset to Jinger's DT